Australian Conversations: in a taxi

1. The cabbie in Perth.

JB: Can I ask where your accent is from?

Cabbie: Bosnia.

JB: Have you been here long?

Cabbie: I been 13 years in Australia. I fled – well, escaped really just before the end of the war in 1992. My first child was born in 1991, so I left my wife and baby behind. They left in 1995 to join me so I didn’t see family for 3 years. When I arrived in Perth, I got a job as TA in Gove, working 10 weeks on, 10 days off. Very different to what I did in Bosnia.

JB: What did you do in Bosnia?

Cabbie: I qualified through hospitality and tourism college. I had my own lounge bar. You know, it had nice music, I knew everyone, they knew me. I had two boys working for me, we knew everyone’s drinks, we made good nibble food. It was nice.

JB: Have you ever wanted to do that here?

Cabbie: No, too hard here. I have friends who try, and Perth it doesn’t have the same – the restaurants and bars – it’s not quite – it wouldn’t work out for me now. Taxi is okay.

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  1. And I’m sure many would agree with that, for good reason; for example, my grandmother.I love the way people remember snippets of conversation which linger in the memory. Thanks!


  2. Overheard outside the pub in Narrogin:“There’s this attitude that says you have to shower every day, but that’s overdoing it, it’s not necessary, not at all.”


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