Things I’ve learnt about search engines and blogs

Hello! I’m back.

I’ve learnt that if you attempt to write a humorous post about the frustration directed at particular cleaning duties, but include some real words like ‘cleaning ceramic tiles,’ you soon find out just how many frustrated people there are in the world who are trying to clean ceramic tiles.

My blog hits have been through the roof – almost into double digits most weeks *wow*  since my last post in June. And when I have checked the entry URL, it’s invariably a Google search for ‘cleaning ceramic tiles.’
I guess these internet marketing types are on to something.
But they still haven’t made a product that has cleaned my ceramic tiles.

One comment

  1. I get lots of hits for ‘invisible zinc’, so I’m feeling you on the strange search terms. I also seem to get a lot for ‘cat batman’, which I have never posted about.


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