Around the world in 3 minutes, twice a day, with flossing

I am officially an airhead.

According to the results of two recent CT scans (ordered by a cautious GP during periods of frequent migraines last year; all clear), I have abnormally large air pockets throughout my sinus system.

The confirmed airhead status has lead to two things:

1. a possible – even reasonable – explanation as to why my husband cannot bear to be in the same (quiet) room when I’m eating due to the amplified acoustics of my masticating. I always thought he was exaggerating, but now it makes sense that all this extra air around my jaws and teeth is playing havoc with the sound system in my skull. Plus, now I’ve started taking notice, both mum and dad have it. Clearly the genes were against me for ever daintily devouring delicacies (apologies Graeme Base).

2. recently I took my dentist’s advice and bought an electric toothbrush. It occurred to me the other night in a clash of connecting synapses that the vibration of it inside my mouth is like the whirring of a Cessna light aircraft. Not only am I keeping my molars clean, but I’m experiencing turbulence as well.

I was suddenly transported back to the north coast of Papua New Guinea where, as a nine year old, I flew on my first light aircraft. I travelled with my parents on a day trip from the Army barracks near Wewak where we lived, to the small coastal village of Vanimo near the border of then West Irian.

Unfortunately for me, my ear near exploded in the descent to Vanimo, and I remember spending the day writhing in pain and tears and not at all enjoying what would have been a most excellent adventure. No wonder I remember the sound so well 🙂

Last night while bristling around my gums I closed my eyes and imagined, using all the tourist literature and personal experience stored in my grey matter, flying over Ningaloo and seeing the water, reefs, whale sharks, Cape Range, Yardie Creek – dipping and surging with the engine/brush.

Crazy I know, but it makes me realise what a couch potato I was with the hand-operated number.

And who knows where today will take me!

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