Weird wide web – basking in reflected glory

There’s a famous painting of a pipe by Belgian artist René Magritte which is referred to a lot in cultural and media studies.  The painting includes the words (in French), “this is not a pipe,” with the deep and meaningful message being that it is in fact a drawing of a pipe or ‘representation’ of a pipe. It sets the scene for lectures on messages, mediums and all that other stuff that follows.

Well, how about this.   I have a stainless steel kettle, and when I give it its six-monthly wipe-over, it’s so shiny I can see my reflection in it.  Like this guy and his kettle – except “this is not a kettle”:

This is reflectoporn. 

Look closely.  This bloke – yes, an Aussie – is credited with starting ‘reflectoporn’ on the web.  Reflectoporn involves photos of shiny items being posted on online auction sites which, upon closer inspection, reveal the photographer as being in the nuddy at the time of taking said photo. 

Sure, it’s exhibitionism, but I think it’s hilarious and playful too.

For a brief and illuminating time, reflectoporn seemed to shine on the web, even making it to newspaper web sites.

However, there doesn’t seem to be much around past 2007.  Shame really. I enjoyed playing ‘spot the gonads’ in the photos I saw. 

I’ll leave you to reflect on that for a while …

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