Avatar is not the font of all wisdom

I really like this.  It says so much about where we are in our postmodern world of style and what’s really important to people.  And this is serious stuff.

To explain, I can’t put it any better than the fabulous Overthinking It, which I’ve recently discovered:

“Font snobs around the world recoiled in horror upon seeing the font ‘Papyrus’ used in the movie posters for James Cameron’s Avatar.”

Yes, that’s right – the font on the Avatar poster and the movie subtitles has not been a good choice, according to people in the know.  Here’s a comment from the blog  I heart Papyrus:

“Could this be a great usage of Papyrus, or the greatest usage of Papyrus? I mean, he might as well have used Comic Sans. Seriously dude, you’re like, a bajillionare, you can afford a suite of fonts. Maybe he’s editing it in iMovie. I don’t know. I just know whoever designed this trailer is either laughing hysterically about this, or a day away from the unemployment office. Maybe both.”

And this, from papyruswatch.com, a site that sets out to document and expose the overuse of the Papyrus font.:

“We’ve received several submissions and tweets about this recently when the trailer was released. So there we have it. More Papyrus making it’s way into major productions. But, there are people noticing, it’s getting too far out of hand. And don’t movies usually have their own custom fonts? I mean c’mon, this is a pretty intense looking multi-million-dollar production. Anyway, there it is. I guess James Cameron just really loves Papyrus.”

The blog Pr*tty Sh*tty went as far as writing an open letter on behalf of Papyrus, thanking Mr Cameron for using it, and saying:

“Goodness knows I’ve worked hard the past 26 years to make a name for myself. And it’s felt great coming to the aid of New Age spa owners, suburban party planners, and young couples looking to save money by making their own wedding invitations.”

Ouch.  And, to finish off with, there’s the very angry man at Name Drop Acid.

And the the offensive item in question?

Is it really that bad?


  1. This is hysterical! Possibly because I belong to the embarrassing league of font-dwellers who own about 3000 and can place them watching ads on tv. Treefrog’s an old favourite. I would have liked Avatar to be in Treefrog. In fact, they could have just named the film ‘Blue Tree Frog’, put the font in Treefrog, and been a hit. Oh. The movie was a hit anyway? Oh.


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