Australian Conversations: at school

Cooler mornings are upon us, and the ugg boots (no trademark infringement intended) are out, teamed with those all-weather short shorts. My kids go to a school where some mums are attempting the Pamela Anderson look; enough said.

Mum 1 to Mum 2: “He really loves those mythical stories.”

Me, thinking to myself as I walked past: [always nice to hear kids getting into stories, especially when parents are placing them in a particular literary context.]

Mum 1 continues to Mum 2: “I mean, he just LOVES Ghostbusters.  He just loves it!”

I barely – barely – managed to stifle a laugh with my hands over my mouth.

One comment

  1. If you’d been wearing ugg boots at the time and had been compelled to reply to these Pamela lovelies, you could have avoided foot in mouth by putting your ugg booted foot…in mouth.

    Lovely reading. A feat of intelligence.


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