Whose bloody idea was that?!

Did you know that more people are killed annually by donkeys than die in air crashes?

Or that your body makes a new lining for your stomach every 3 days?

I know this because I’ve made a point of reading the adhesive strip of my preferred brand of sanitary napkin liner thingies just for this blog post.  Because there’s no other way I would ever want to read this dribble.

Which marketing genius had a light bulb moment and announced excitedly to his (or her, heaven forbid) peers/client:  “I know, how about we throw useless bits of information at women right at those minutes of the day during those days of the month when they’re most inconvenienced, uncomfortable and wanting to get on with their life?  It will take their mind off their inconvenience, discomfort and general focus on feminine hygiene just for a minute.”

Guess what? No, it won’t.  The strips of paper end up in the bin, or the bag, or on the floor, irrespective of what scintillating tidbits of information are contained therein.  Because no woman is going to go back to her business meeting and say, “hey guys, you’d never guess it, a polar bear’s skin is black. Its fur is not white but actually clear. How about that?” Or rush back to her boyfriend and say, “hey honey, in ancient times, parsley wreaths were used to ward off drunkenness, so I guess it’s tabouleh tonight, ha ha!”

I would really like to find out the marketing rationale behind this.  Did the company conduct focus groups? I’ve done a google to see if there’s anything to read about this, and eventually, thank heavens, I found out I wasn’t alone in thinking this was not big and it wasn’t clever.  For example, Leefe rates the world (thanks for the image) points out that it’s like having Christmas crackers every month, and we know how much we all look forward to those jokes. And I was also reminded that the info strips are called – wait for it – odd spots.

It’s enough to make you want to empty the lining of your stomach – given that you’ve already emptied the lining of your uterus in the process.

One comment

  1. HH – I love the “ba-boom” double entendre of odd spots…More, more, more! We need more bored copywriters filling up the superfluous rubbish in our lives with the gift of language. I propose novels printed on bin liners, tissues with those little feel-good mantras…eg, “I am a powerful, and wise human being (not a snotty one)”, and smell repellant shoe inserts printed with the poems of the greats. More, more, more! But lastly, be careful where you use the word bloody, for fear of joining the odd spot crew.


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