Australia Day aftermath: Part I

It was all a bit of an anticlimax really.

On the day before Australia Day I drove into the city with the kids and gave them the activity of counting flags on cars. We’re a 45-minute drive from the city, up and back on the freeway, and through my flag-flying neighbourhood – and what was our total when we got home?


Woeful! As a friend pointed out, perhaps last year’s prevalence of plastic patriotism was as a result of flag giveaways in the newspaper, and this year people weren’t prepared to splash out on a couple of bucks to display their ‘national proide.’  Probably saving for the flood levy.

Although, having said that, I would like to thank my friend who though it would be hilarious – just hilarious – to be an Australia Day ratbag, and sent me this email and photo early on our Big National Day:

Yes, my friend and my husband had conspired, while I was at work the previous weekend, to patriotically pimp my little Subaru and take a pic. Oh how they all laughed. She, however, is going to be Brownie’s teacher at school this year, so I’m just going to bide my time ….

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When I'm not writing I'm doing paid work in Communications or International Relations, being mum to two teenage boys, attempting to maintain a reasonable marriage, and constantly adjudicating the battle between my inner feminist and inner domestic goddess, goddammit.

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