Hegemony Heights is a metaphor

In honour of reaching 3000 views on HH, it seems like a good time to answer the question that I’ve often been asked over the past few years: why the name Hegemony Heights?

If you’ve ever driven past housing developments, you’d have seen the billboards advertising the wonderful attractions of their estates, with names like ‘Meadow Vale Waters’, and ‘Forest View Glades’, and ‘Blue Horizon Estate’, and they all offer your perfect lifestyle. How could you not be happy to live there?

Thinking about the definition of hegemony provided at right, a little bit down the page, it occurred to me that here in our complacent, fortunate, Western democratic culture we are constantly seeing the world as projected by the dominant players (I’ll resist class just for now). And the media and communication technologies play such a large part in that and many people really do accept it all as ‘common sense’ and ‘natural’. A bit like being sold your perfect lifestyle.

So is Hegemony Heights a great place to live? Absolutely.

Should we be complacent about that? Absolutely not.

And that should answer the other question:  is Hegemony Heights the name of my house? No, but it is ‘the estate’ in which I live.

If you want to know the name of my house, here it is:

And that’s not a metaphor – that’s irony.

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