Magnanimous musical moments 2: “Holy shitballs, mom!”

Hello 2014!

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me, and I’m feeling …. good!

Following the loveliness of Billy Joel’s magnanimous moment in 2013, let’s head to number two, which fulfils all the criteria – which, if you’ve forgotten, are:

  1. the fan, who couldn’t be happier – either that night, for a week, a month or maybe the rest of his or her life;
  2. the audience, who, through the fan, enjoy the experience vicariously while still enjoying the performer, and so take an extra-special memory home with them;
  3. the performer, who, through his or her action, has consciously or subconsciously given the most wonderful gift, the willing ‘transfer of the baton’ not just of their own music – the highest honour – but acknowledging that everyone starts somewhere. And sometimes you’ve just gotta give someone a chance.

And who are we talking about?  A round of applause please for Mr Michael Bublé:

He’s like an excited puppy – Bublé, that is, not 15-year-old Sam!

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