Hegemony Heights is back!

With a new look – I hope you like it.

Two things have changed considerably over the seven years since I began this blog, and even in the 12 months since I last made a few serious attempts at posting:

  1. I don’t write at all about what I thought I would when I set out, which was intellectual, deeply challenging pieces on the state of the world that would beautifully complement my studies and career and help with my professional life.
    Instead, I write about what I know and experience in the course of my day-to-day interactions, which is usually culture, society and family. Sure, I take a somewhat high-brow approach from time to time, because I can, and even tackle world events occasionally, but usually I just enjoy sharing the bizarre, mundane and occasionally startling events that make us human.
  2. WordPress, being the clever-clogs they are, has evolved nicely to incorporate tablets and mobile to their free themes (thank you) so I hope this works for you on a number of levels to find the content accessible and readable. And if you like it – bonus.

What hasn’t changed is my commitment to the idea of Hegemony Heights. We still live in a world where commonsense often isn’t, and normal is a construct. Thus endeth the lecture.

IMG_3066 LR
The Giants visit Perth in Feburary 2015 [my pic].
In the refresh, I’ve added some conversations and made them a separate menu item even though they’re all still listed under the Home blog page. These conversations are another thing I’ve realised I enjoy writing most about – the quirky vignettes of humanity that leave smiles and occasionally tears. Under Bumper Edition, I’ve added a sub-page just for stick figure families (as you do), and finally, there are also some enhanced features down the right-hand side-bar including a Search function.

Happy reading. And all feedback welcome.

Published by JB

When I'm not writing I'm doing paid work in Communications or International Relations, being mum to two teenage boys, attempting to maintain a reasonable marriage, and constantly adjudicating the battle between my inner feminist and inner domestic goddess, goddammit.

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