I live in outer metropolitan Perth, Western Australia. I maintain Hegemony Heights, intermittently, to satisfy the desire of finding an online identity not constrained by time or stereotypes of mummy blogging. Tricky. But I do it for fun anyway, so what the heck.

And it also satisfies, to a certain extent, the suburban wannabe cultural theorist, occasional international relations watcher, science/creative dichotomy and frustrated writer within. To a certain extent.

As for the name Hegemony Heights, you can read about that here.

Conversations documents slices of life overheard through unintentional eavesdropping or suddenly being included in a conversation. My phone’s Notes app is full of these from when I frantically tap to retain the integrity of the language or sentiment before transposing here. Five years as a court transcript typist comes in handy here. Some of these made me laugh, some made me cry; you can guess which.

The Darndest Things page contains snippets of conversation from my (now) teenage boys over the years, Brownie and Blondie – you know, culture at work and all that, cute and insightful. This is one of the tricky bits (see first paragraph above).

Bumper Edition satisfies a quasi obsession with the cultural messages of vehicle licence plates, bumper stickers and window decals. Fortunately, where I live appears to be a hotspot for these items. Or perhaps unfortunately (see second paragraph above).

The views here are my own unless otherwise acknowledged.

When not blogging, I:

  • work in communications OR
  • am mum to Brownie and Blondie OR
  • attempt quality time with my husband OR
  • mediate the constant bickering between my inner feminist and inner domestic goddess (shaddap in there) OR
  • am remembering what it’s like to socialise with friends OR
  • am reading and watching and listening to other stuff on the interweb OR
  • asleep.

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