Haiku for the Australian Olympic Commission

and persistence are paying
dividends at last

– not for the athletes,
but their administrators
now on the home straight

after being held
back by larger opponents.
Stay true! For the win!

Haiku for Australian of the Year, David Morrison

Australian Of The Year
David Morrison!

I was moved by, “The
standard you walk past is the
standard your accept.”

And now the rest of
Australia hears your voice!
You little bew-tee!

Happy New Haiku

I think there is too
much significance given
to just a number.

Will it really make
me reflect on what has gone
and what is to come?

Only in terms of
how much they have grown, and their
best is yet to come.

Aug04 Leo discovering Rex, one day old

Haiku weather: 29 August 2013

city lights bwWho needs la bella
luna tonight, when I have
the safe light of home;

the light that is in
equal measure past, present
and future within.

Haiku weather: 26 August 2013

IMG_3568The bird apartment
opposite meets a Monday
surprise of colour.

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