Haiku for Australian of the Year, David Morrison

Australian Of The Year
David Morrison!

I was moved by, “The
standard you walk past is the
standard your accept.”

And now the rest of
Australia hears your voice!
You little bew-tee!

Australian conversations: The petrol station queue

While waiting in line to pay at the petrol station in Albany, a middle-age woman of somewhat dishevelled appearance walked in from the driveway speaking loudly on her phone:

“Who’s driving my Commodore?

If you don’t get out now, I’m calling the cops.

If you don’t get out now, I’m calling the cops!

Don’t ‘okay’ me … d’ya want me to come home and flog the fucken shit out of ya?”


Ah, beautiful Albany.

[Thanks John Bosich for the pic.]

Haiku weather: 29 August 2013

city lights bwWho needs la bella
luna tonight, when I have
the safe light of home;

the light that is in
equal measure past, present
and future within.

Haiku weather: 26 August 2013

IMG_3568The bird apartment
opposite meets a Monday
surprise of colour.

Haiku weather: 24 August 2013

clouds 2A bit squashed like a
Dali painting. I’m waiting
for a dripping clock.

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