Haiku for international relations (thanks Edwin)

War! What is it good
for? Absolutely nothing!
Say it again! War!

Huh! Yeah, yeah, what is
it good for? Absolutely
Nothing. Hear me now!

Haiku for the practical

Roses are reddish
Violets are purple and blue
Sugar is glucose

Haiku for Joyce

I think that I shall
never see, a poem as
lovely as a tree.

[Hillside Eucalypts by Glenn Murray]

Funny. Amusing. Comical. Humorous.

Plus this tasty contribution:

Pure language goodness 🙂

A polite request

Dear Muse

You know we’ve talked about this before. Can you please visit between 10am and 2pm Mon-Fri, and not between 4-6pm and after 10pm. It’s impractical and keeps me tired.

Please re-organise your schedule to accommodate those hours and I’m sure we’ll both benefit.

Thank you

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